Keeping Track of New Vehicle Release Dates

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In the U.S., most new vehicles are released in late August or early September. There are a few that enter the market at other times, but they are rare. In other countries, there are new releases of vehicles throughout the year. It can be confusing, especially if buyers are waiting for an anticipated new model or an updated version of an old favorite. Relying on television commercials may not give buyers enough time to budget for the purchase. Checking online at the manufacturer website will offer specifications and an estimated sticker price, but will not reflect dealership incentives, trade-in values, or introductory pricing.

The best way to keep track of dates for new releases is to browse industry magazines or find a website that specializes in providing information regarding the local area. Manufacturers will often invite editors or website operators to have a first look or take a test drive to generate buzz prior to the actual release date. People in Australia, for example, can go to for a complete list of expected releases from a dozen manufacturers. Porshe is due to release several new models, as are Isuzu and Kia. Audi will be releasing the Q2 model as well as the S4 series sedan and wagon during 2017. Those living in the UK can check out for similar relevant information. Many websites also include reviews based on test drives, comparisons of models within the same class, as well as pricing and warranty details.

In addition to keeping track of releases, information online can be found regarding the performance of the vehicle from drivers who own the vehicles. Research the countries where a particular model has already been released and try to find review sites, independent customer reviews, and information regarding actual operating costs. Those who have been driving the model for some time will have insights into how it handles, how it turns on snow-covered roads, and what the mileage is under real driving circumstances. A car is a major investment, so consider pricing, but also find out about safety features, resale value, and if any issues were reported by drivers. Take all the time needed to make an informed decision.