Buy Best Subwoofer for Cars


Sub-woofers have been discussed by car owners, music enthusiasts and sound technicians for many years. Sub-woofers are very popular among car owners. You must have thought about the quality of sound which gets enhanced once the sub-woofers have been placed in the car. It’s combined effect is amazing and you get to hear sounds which was not possible before without sub-woofers. According to car owners and users of sub-woofers, there are several benefits which are accessible with the best systems. On top of the best features, you can get several deals of discount car audio at many online stores.

While selecting the sub-woofers, you must consider few parameters such as available space inside the car. If you already have speakers in your car, you must find the space where you would get sub-woofers installed. The sub-woofers come in two types; SVC and DVC.

Single Voice Coil (SVC) sub-woofers are basic and they are generally available without specifications and power rating. SVC type is cheaper option and easily available at many online stores. Dual Voice Coil (DVC) Sub-woofers are better equipped to handle bass with input on each side. The basic difference between SVC and DVC is the number of coils to handle the input. DVC sub-woofers offer more wiring options. You can place them in series, parallel or independently. The efficient wiring will be the key to exploit them for better and improved control of the overall bass and it will add certainly to the sound produced by other speakers together.

There are multiple sizes available in market of SVC and DVC types. You can buy them in size of 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 inches. There are several stores where discount sub-woofers are sold and you can save money as well without compromising on quality. There are several leading companies which manufacture the sub-woofers. The most popular brands are Audiopipe, Dual, Pyle, SSL, Planet Audio, Boss and others. Each of these companies has been in the market for several years and have manufactured and sold the best sub-woofers to car owners. You can take a look at them for various types of sub-woofers. Some of the best sub-woofers have been discussed in this article.

Audiopipe 6″ 150 Watt DVC 4 Ohm Sub-woofer
This sub-woofer is right product for your small car. Especially when you do not need high sound levels, the 150 Watt is enough and it would provide right support to other speakers. Audiopipe has integrated EXT technology in the line of DVC products. EXT is capable of handling more power. The perfect output of PMPO sound and at the lower side the RMS at 75 Watt can fulfill your requirements of appropriate subwoofer. Audiopipe has maintained the low price to match the needs of discount car audio.

SSL Force 8″ 250 Watt SVC 4 Ohm Sub-woofer
It can handle the power of 250 Watts with frequency range of 40Hz – 3kHz without distorting the sound. The impedance of 4 Ohm with efficiency of 90dB per 1 Watt ranging to 1 meter is enough to produce high pitch of sound in your car. It looks great with blue metallic cone which has logo printed on it. At cheaper price, this is certainly value for money.

Boss Chaos ExXtreme 10″ 1200 Watt DVC 4 Ohm Sub-woofer
If you are looking for high powered sound and the equally matching sub-woofer, this one is certainly for you. It is well-suited to be installed in bigger cars as the interior size would be able to handle the high level of sound produced by the subwoofer. You would get perfect mix of best impedance of dual 4 Ohm which can be wired as per your requirements. This particular sub-woofer needs more depth to mount it. It is little heavy and needs proper support. You would need to buy extra brackets to keep it in place.

Logic DX 12″ 800 Watt DVC 4 Ohm Sub-woofer
Logic sub-woofer of 12 inch does not look bigger as it is more compact than others. The perfect 800 Watt sound with dual voice coil system can be right choice of sub-woofers when you wish to buy them in your range. The magnet structure has been covered and black injection cone is well protected with the butyl rubber around it. Logic systems are well tested in the labs before offering them to the customers. The discount sub-woofers of Logic have distinct advantage in the market. They are high power sub-woofers which are technically advanced and can go well with any of the music systems.

Boss Chaos Wired 15″ 2400 Watt DVC 4 Ohm Sub-woofer
The massive power from 15 inch sub-woofer of Boss can be best experienced when you play the tracks in full volume. 2400 Watt sound can rock anything and anyone in your car. You can open all the doors of your car and let the best sound get out of the sub-woofer. The cone has been custom tooled in this sub-woofer. With these sub-woofers, you can actually feel the music going around you. Despite being so powerful, these sub-woofer systems are not expensive. It all depends on the available space in your car and the best ways you can use this powerful sub-woofer.

Pyle PL1890BL 18” 1800 Watt DVC Sub-woofer
This is the biggest of all sub-woofers available for cars. Pyle has positioned itself above the other brands in the market with this unique 18 inch sub-woofer which can produce the sound of 1800 Watt. The mode is DVC and it can be mounted at the back-side, behind the rear seats. Its cone has been molded with blue injection and it gets support of rubber suspension. These sub-woofers are made to last for many years. If you are looking for the highest possible performance of the sub-woofers, this one is certainly for you.

You can find on the web, some of the best stores online where discount car audio systems are sold. It makes sense to save money with discount sub-woofers of top and leading companies.